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Diabetic Food

Diabetic Food from the House of Ayurveda

Extreme work pressure, unhealthy routine, fewer physical exercises, pollution, inclination toward processed & junk food....and the list continues. The result is one - poor health. And diabetes is one of the gifts of the modern lifestyle. Though it is considered to be an old-age problem, however, it is not the case. Diabetes is arresting young people, leaving them into trouble for a larger portion of their lives.

Moreover, the number of diabetic patients is rising continuously. Can't believe! According to WHO, there are 422 million diabetic people across the world. And the report on theṣ suggests India is 2nd in the world when it comes to the number of diabetic patients (age 20-79 years) with around 77 million diabetic patients.

Diabetes - Home to Many Diseases

Now, the important issue is that many people are unaware of their condition. And many of those aware people do not take proper treatment. It can be life-threatening. Diabetes is the root of many problems like kidney dysfunctioning, blindness and makes your body a safe place for bacteria (making you suffer infections).

The intention is to make you aware of the severe consequences of diabetes. Being aware of that, you must act instantly to get a cure. And Ayurveda has some of the most successful treatments for diabetes.

Know Ayurvedic Cure for Your Problem

Unlike Allopathic medicines for diabetes, herbal diabetic food doesn't have side-effects. Yes, allopathic medicines can cause many ill-effects while curing high sugar levels. However, Ayurvedic diet foods are both safe and effective. And now can avail them from the place of your comfort.

Right from Ayurvedic Capsules to powder and herbal tree barks, we have so many options for you. Further, with us, you get many choices for natural sweeteners. It includes both domestic products and imported products like Alma (Made Packed In Spain) 1300 Sugar-Free Tablets Natural Sweetener. Plus, we have Sugar Free Protein Supplement for diabetic and cardiac care. And for juice lovers, we have Pukhraj 8 + DB Control Juice, which is a mixture of many items like Aloe Vera, Karela and others.

Control Your Sugar-Level through Herbal Treatments

Generally, in Ayurveda, a single product can treat multiple issues. Thus, go through our entire diabetic food range that includes Amla Powder, Jamun Seed Powder, Paneer Phool (Dodi), sky fruit, etc. from brands like Rawmest, NutrActive, Deemark and many more. Choose your product accordingly; look for the benefits of the products mentioned on the pack. Taking help from the Ayurveda specialist would be great.

 Get Ready for a Healthy Life!

Herbal Diet food can not only cure your diabetes problem but can also keep a check on your blood sugar level henceforth. Besides, even its continuous use won't affect your body negatively, in the long run too. So, get the best Ayurvedic herbs for diabetes at your door through online order at Shopclues.

 And if you don't know your sugar level yet, buy the first-rate glucometer from our wide range of health care products. You can keep a check on your sugar-level through regular monitoring.

A wide range of brands from So Sweet, DYAUSMED, Skyfruit, SEEMA, NA for your diverse needs. Rs. 999 and Below, Rs. 1000 - Rs. 1499, Rs. 2000 and Above price range that is tailored to be as affordable as possible. Keep surfing through this amazing ocean of over 99 products. The Top 5 list on ShopClues featuring So Sweet 1000 Stevia Tablets 100 Natural Sweetener- Sugarfree, Xerovia Stevia Extract (98 Reb-A), Sugarfree - 100 Tablets, So Sweet 500 Stevia Tablets 100 Natural Sweetener- Sugarfree, So Sweet Stevia 200gm Spoonable Powder 100 Natural Sweetener- Sugarfree, So Sweet Stevia LiquidPack of 3-300 Drops 100 Natural Sweetener Sugarfree will make it easier for you to make your purchase decision.

List of Best Selling Diabetic Food price

Latest Diabetic Food Price
So Sweet 1000 Stevia Tablets 100 Natural Sweetener- Sugarfree ₹960
So Sweet 500 Stevia Tablets 100 Natural Sweetener- Sugarfree ₹325
So Sweet 250gm Erythritol 100 Natural Sweetener- Sugarfree ₹499
So Sweet Stevia 200gm Spoonable Powder 100 Natural Sweetener- Sugarfree ₹340
So Sweet 1 Kg Xylitol 100 Natural Sweetener- Sugarfree ₹855
So Sweet Stevia Liquid Pack -4-1600 Drops Natural Sweetener 100 Natural Sweetener-Sugarfree ₹340
So sweet Stevia 50 Sachets 100 Natural Sweetener- Sugarfree ₹160
So Sweet Stevia Spoonable -100 Natural Sweetener - 1 Kg ( Sugarfree) ₹1350
Vringra Pure Nectar Stevia Drops - Stevia Liquid - Stevia Leaves Extract - Sugarfree Sweetener 400Servings ₹249
Vringra Pure Nectar Stevia Extract - Stevia Liquid - Sugarfree Stevia Drops - Stevia Leaves Extract 20ml (Pack Of 2) ₹349


Data last updated on 25/04/2024

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