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Water Bottle


We all are aware of how water bodies and land is getting damaged day by day due to daily use of plastic water bottles, as these are being thrown away after use. But then we can’t stop drinking water so the only solution is to carry own refillable water bottles. Nowadays, water bottles have actually become a trend as people carry quirky and fun water bottles that not only helps in saving environment but also looks cool. Although, water is essential, but one needs to extra hydrate themselves in summers.

ShopClues has the best water bottles in different brands like Milton, Nirlon, Clickmart, Style Homez, Cello, Killians and more. As per studies, one should drink water in a copper utensil, but then we can’t carry it everywhere. Well, now you can as ShopClues has a wide variety of copper bottles that are genuine and good to go.

Following are some of the benefits of carrying own water bottle:

  1. Save Money: Think of the money you’ll be saving, while carrying your own water bottle. A litre of water bottle starting cost is ₹20 and it goes on. For those who wants to save ₹20 per day can actually shop a good quality water bottle and carry it every time.
  2. Low Quality Water: Well, we don’t know the quality of water plastic water bottles have. Even the branded ones. People actually get attracted towards the low price of these, but one should be careful for their health as well, so carry your own water bottle. 
  3. Refreshing: One can actually carry hot or cold water in good quality water bottles. During summers you can make lemonade and it will be more refreshing all day long in a good quality water bottle. Even hot water or warm water can be carried. You can shop stainless steel water bottle, copper bottle, metal water bottle, and more, only on ShopClues.
  4. Know Which Is Yours: It has been a problem, especially with kids as they always misplace their water bottles, but now if they have their own, then it is easy to identify and reduces chances of misplacing one. Also, if you’ll have your own water bottle, it won’t be necessary to take a sip from someone else’s.
  5. Prevent Damage To The Environment: As mentioned above, when you replace outside plastic water bottles with your own, you can actually contribute in saving environment.
  6. Trendy: Nowadays, people are actually drawn towards quirky and personalized water bottles. They look much cooler and attracts attention. When someone posts a video or photo of their trendy water bottles, it actually inspires others to have one.

Points to keep in mind while purchasing a water bottle:

  1. Material: Always check out the material of the bottle before buying it. Stainless steel water bottle, copper water bottle, smart water bottle and metal water bottles are the best quality as they keep water as it is.
  2. Brand: Check out some of the popular brands like Milton water bottle, cello bottles and more only on ShopClues.
  3. Size: One should know exactly what size is apt for them as per their lifestyle. Whether to grab 2 litre water bottle or 1 litre water bottle is fine.

ShopClues actually has an amazing variety like glass water bottle, fridge bottles, gym bottle, sipper bottle and steel water bottles. Step up and contribute more in saving the environment.

Brands range like Harshpet, Other, Style Homez, Salvus App Solutions, Aarushi etc. that are tailored for your needs, desires and preferences. 501 - 1000, 251 - 500, Under 250, 1001 - 2500, 2501 - 5000 price range that is tailored to be as affordable as possible. Surf and shop till you find the perfect one amongst 882 products. Choose from the products like Nirlon Rustfree/ Eco Friendly,Stainless Steel Light Weight Bottles For Travelling,1000Ml, Trueware Smart Mini Shaker With PP Blender 500 ml Shaker ( Assorted, Plastic), Copper Bottle with 99.5 purity-1000ML CapacityHandmade,Joint Free Leak Proof, Nirlon Duke Red Stainless Steel Water Bottle 700 ml, Harshpet 1000ml Crown Fliptop Cap Water Bottles Set of 6 Pcs (Multicolor) that score high on the popularity charts.

List of Best Selling Water Bottle price

Latest Water Bottle Price
Harshpet Empty Fliptop Round Bottle 100ml ₹139
Kudos Steel Ace Insulated Bottle 750 with sipper cap. (Hot and Cold 750 ML) ₹469
Harsh Pet 1000ml Uni-v Bottle Set of 6 (Red) ₹337
Hetshicreation Glass Portable USB Juicer ₹759
cello ozone water bottle,pack of 2,multicolour ₹435
Harsh Pet 1000ml Uni-v Bottle Set of 6 (Blue) ₹337
Harshpet Empty Fliptop Round Bottle 100ml ₹313
Harsh Pet 50mL Empty Refillable Fliptop Round Blue Bottle Set of 16 ₹299
Style Homez Copper Bedroom Bottle 1100 ML, Handmade Meena Print Design ₹899
Garg Shop Copper 100 Pure Lacquer Copper Bottle-1000Ml, Leak Proof Joint Free For Health Benefits ₹689


Data last updated on 02/06/2023

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