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Taking Religion religiously

India is the land of gods. With so many cultures and religions present in this country, the religious vibes are omnipresent, irrespective of where you go. People frequently visit places of worship as a weekly routine, and many also choose to perform religious ceremonies at home. When you visit a typical Hindu house, there’s a specific room or a place dedicated towards performing these religious ceremonies. People like to keep it clean and beautify it with brightly coloured idols and pictures of the gods and goddesses. They light incense sticks, and some may even have a mini temple of sorts to keep the idols and other puja items.

Bow down to the lord of the lords- Shiva

Shiva is the god to many who descended on earth to restore the balance; some also observe it as a phenomenon that controls the intricacies of the universe. Irrespective of that, everyone pays their due respect to lord Shiva, which is represented in the form of a Shiva Linga. They feel a sense of elevation by cleaning the Shiva Linga, and many choose to bathe it with milk, water, etc. Chanting the shanti mantra is also commonly practiced to bring peace and prosperity. Some of the other common ways of offering prayers are using the Kuber Yantra, which is also accompanied with chanting of the Kuber Mantra.

New Age Bhakti with

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